Father's Day Specials

Score Crusher Balls

Get ready to Blast it Past your Playing Partners & Crush Your Score!

If you want explosive distance, straighter ball flight, and exceptional feel around the green, then grab a box of Score Crushers and get ready to slash strokes off your score! 

The combination of the uniquely designed dimple pattern along with a Neodymium Reactor inner core combine to create the secret sauce that makes the Score Crusher a game changer from tee to green.

Put the Score Crusher to the test and judge for yourself. Because if you're a fan of performance and lower scores, then we're confident this will instantly become your new favorite ball to play with.  

The only problem you will have is keeping your buddies from finding out the secret to how you improved your game so much. Just tell them you have been practicing a lot, so they don't realize it is just the new ball you are using.  ;-)

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"Hole-In-One" Golf Ball Cigar Holder

Where do you put your cigar?  There's never a good place in the cart.  Who wants to throw it on the ground during your perfect swing?  This Bigg Golf custom made patented cigar holder has you covered.  Also makes a great gift for your golf crew.  Couple this holder up with a box of our Bigg Stick Epic cigars for the ultimate golf experience.

With the Hole-In-One golf ball cigar holder from Bigg golf, you now have a better option! This fun and unique product is guaranteed to be a conversation starter when you pull it out of your bag, and the envy of all your buddies when you put it to use.

Constructed in two parts, our patented cigar holder is a hollowed out golf ball with a detachable tee that screws into the bottom. We've also added a support Spike inside the ball to make sure your stogie is snug and secure.

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