Bustin' Your BALLS - Bigg Golf Score Crusher vs. Titleist ProV1

Bustin' Your BALLS - Bigg Golf Score Crusher vs. Titleist ProV1

When it comes to selecting a golf ball, most players look at two key factors - performance and value. The reigning champion in premium golf balls for years has been the Titleist ProV1. However, Bigg Golf's new Score Crusher ball aims to disrupt the market by delivering high performance at a fraction of the cost.

For golfers wanting quality distance, feel, and control without the $50 price tag of a tour level ball, the Score Crusher deserves a close look. Let's compare some key performance metrics between the ProV1 and Bigg Golf Score Crusher to see how they stack up using the cutting edge technology of a TrackMan system:

Distance Off the Tee:

  • ProV1 average total distance: 259.1 yards
  • Score Crusher average total distance: 250.7 yards
  • The ProV1 edged out the Score Crusher by 8.4 yards off the tee. But with average total distance over 250 yards, the Score Crusher still provides excellent driver distance.

Ball Speed:

  • ProV1 average ball speed: 142.7 mph
  • Score Crusher average ball speed: 141.9 mph
  • Very similar ball speeds between the two, with the ProV1 less than 1 mph faster. The Score Crusher delivers high ball speed for maximizing distance.

Launch Conditions:

  • ProV1 average launch angle: 10.6 degrees
  • Score Crusher average launch angle: 10.8 degrees
  • Nearly identical launch conditions give both balls a great trajectory off the tee.

Short Game Spin and Feel:

  • The urethane cover on the Score Crusher provides soft feel around the greens similar to the ProV1.
  • The Score Crusher's higher spin (2543 rpm vs. 2381 rpm) creates excellent greenside control.


  • The ProV1 showed slightly tighter dispersion, but the Score Crusher was right behind it.
  • Shot to shot consistency is excellent with both golf balls.

The performance numbers show that while the ProV1 holds a slight edge in distance and consistency, the Score Crusher delivers outstanding yardages and playable spin/feel at each level of the game. 

But here is where the Score Crusher really differentiates itself - VALUE! At just $34.99 per dozen, golfers save 30% per dozen compared to the ProV1. You get a premium quality ball designed for distance, feel, and control at an extremely attractive price.

For golfers on a budget, the Bigg Golf Score Crusher provides an opportunity to play a ball comparable to the ProV1 at a significantly lower cost. And the money saved over an entire season can really add up.

Here are some additional reasons why golfers looking for quality and value should make the switch to the Score Crusher:

  • Consistent quality round to round. The Score Crusher has tight quality control standards for a ball that performs precisely the same from shot to shot. No surprises on course.
  • Manufactured by the same industry leading companies as other premium balls and using and advanced materials throughout. The Score Crusher uses the latest in core, mantle, and cover technologies to deliver the ideal blend of speed, spin, feel, and control.
  • Playability and greenside versatility. The urethane cover grips wedges nicely to add spin and stop power on chip and pitch shots. You can attack pins with precision from around the green.
  • Backed by proven R&D. Bigg Golf has rapidly become an industry leader through cutting edge research and rigorous robot/player testing. Their tour-level engineering is built into the Score Crusher.

The bottom line is that the Score Crusher delivers everything you could want in a premium golf ball - distance off the tee, soft feel on shots into the green, and consistent performance on all shots. But you get it for an amazing price!

If you currently play the ProV1 or other tour-level balls, do yourself and your wallet a favor by testing out the Bigg Golf Score Crusher. It's the smart choice for golfers wanting to save money without sacrificing quality and performance this season. Once you put the Score Crusher into play, you'll be hitting it longer, scoring lower, and keeping more money in your pocket.


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