The Greatest Show in Golf...This Weekend!

The Greatest Show in Golf...This Weekend!

Why is the Waste Management Phoenix Open a Can't-Miss Event?

Of the hundreds of professional golf tournaments held yearly across the globe, there is only one nicknamed "The Greatest Show on Grass" - the Waste Management Phoenix Open.

Held annually in Scottsdale, Arizona at the beginning of February, this PGA Tour stop stands out for its raucous crowds, party atmosphere, and exciting 16th hole stadium setting. Whether you're a golf die-hard or casual fan, the Phoenix Open offers a one-of-a-kind experience unmatched in the golf world.

Here's a look at why this tournament should be on every golf lover's bucket list:

1. The Famous 16th Hole

The rowdy atmosphere of "The People's Open" reaches a fever pitch at the 16th hole on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Enclosed by stadium-style seating, the par-3 transforms into what feels like a boisterous sporting event.

Fans clamor for the best views, hearty cheers erupt after great shots, and chants of popular players' names rain down. The exhilarating environment gets players' adrenaline pumping and brings incredible energy you won't find at staid events.

2. Off-the-Charts Fan Engagement

Speaking of the crowds - the Phoenix Open set the all-time PGA attendance record in 2018 at 719,179 fans over the week. Die-hards line up for hours to get front row views. Many dress in costume to show their golf spirit.

Whether it's patrons enjoying drinks at the amphitheater-like 16th hole or fans erupting after long drives on the 18th, the electric crowds are part of what makes the Phoenix Open feel like one big golf party.

3. Golf Under the Stars

As the only PGA tournament to feature "The Birds Nest" (sponsored by Coors Light) - is an arena that hosts live music and happy hour specials - the Phoenix Open exudes a lively after-hours vibe. Popular country singer Dierks Bentley will be performing as fans unwind together and continue celebrating golf late into the night.  I'll be headed to this concert on Thursday!  This year they also have Hardy and Baily Zimmerman, Duran Duran, and Kygo.

4. Celebrity Sightings & Attractions

In addition to top pros, the Phoenix Open draws A-list celebrities as well. Stars like Adam Sandler, Jake Owen, Larry Fitzgerald, and Vince Vaughn have been spotted taking in the action or visiting the event.

5. Unpredictable Competition

When thinking great golf tournaments, events like The Masters or U.S. Open might first come to mind. But the Phoenix Open has also delivered some incredible moments over the years.

Phil Mickelson's hole-in-one on 16 in 2016 brought the house down. Big hitting underdogs like Kyle Berkshire have launched miraculous comeback bids. Playoff heroics, first-time winners, and million dollar shootouts on 18 have created no shortage of drama.

With amateurs and celebrities sprinkled in, the competition itself promises some wildcard excitement every year.

6. Ideal Winter Getaway

This is definitely my #1 reason! The end of football season leaves many sports fans looking to fill their weekend void. Heading to sunny Arizona in February is a perfect escape from winter's cold while enjoying a world-class golf spectacle.

After watching the pros under pristine conditions, you can play a quick round yourself or lounge at one of Scottsdale's top-notch resorts. The Phoenix Open provides the complete package for an unforgettable guys trip or warm weather vacation.

7. Affordable Fun

Unlike stuffy events where normal fans can barely get near the course, the Phoenix Open offers accessible and reasonably priced tickets. General admission starts around $75 for a full day or you can pay up for exclusive suites and club access.

Compare that to $500+ limited tickets for The Masters and you'll see why the Phoenix Open doesn't bankrupt the average golf lover. The openness and affordability mean more groups and buddies can enjoy this one-of-a-kind tournament.

The Waste Management Phoenix Open undoubtedly ranks as one of golf's marquee events year in and year out. From the lively atmosphere to star power to pivotal championship moments, it's an unmissable part of the golf calendar.

If you want to experience golf's most raucous party surrounded by passionate fans, epic shots, and non-stop action, then it's time to finally plan that Phoenix Open pilgrimage. Let me know if you're gonna be there.  I'll be roaming the course on Friday.

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