10 Hacks to Longer WHACKS - It's DRIVE Time!

10 Hacks to Longer WHACKS - It's DRIVE Time!

Let's be honest: hitting that little white ball a mile down the fairway is one of the sweetest feelings in golf. It's like finding out your ball just ordered a round of drinks for everyone at the clubhouse. If you're tired of feeling like your drive is on a permanent vacation, stick around because we're bringin' "Just The Tips" on how to turn your driver into a rocket launcher.

1. Stand Like a Superhero, Not a Sleepwalker

The first step to blasting your ball into another zip code is your stance. No one ever hit a heroic drive with their feet glued together. So, spread 'em out shoulder-width, and point that ball at your lead heel. Your shoulders should be as parallel as a pair of train tracks, and your hips slightly open. It's like setting the stage for a superhero entrance - and trust us, you'll feel like one, too!

2. Grip It and Rip It, But Not Literally

Your grip is your lifeline to power, and we don't mean a white-knuckle death grip. Hold your driver like it's a favorite childhood toy – firm but friendly. Make that "V" between your thumb and forefinger point to your trailing shoulder, and you'll have a grip that's more comforting than a warm cup of cocoa on a winter's day.

3. Tee it Up Like You're Building a Sandcastle

Tee height: it's a balancing act between reaching for the stars and not smacking the moon. Experiment with different tee heights until you find the sweet spot. Higher tees allow you to swing up, launch higher, and spin less - (and you should use a low spin golf ball like this one)

4. Swing Like You're in a Smooth Jazz Band

Now, let's talk about the swing. Remember, we're aiming for a smooth, jazzy rhythm, not an out-of-control mosh pit. Start your downswing with all the grace of a swan on a serene pond. Then, as you approach the ball, accelerate like a jazz drummer building up to a solo. Smooth meets speed, and that's the groove you want.

5. Hinge & Release: Golf's Magic Trick

Creating lag in your downswing is like pulling a rabbit out of a hat. Hinge your wrists to store that precious energy, then release them through the ball. It's like golf's own magic trick, making your clubhead disappear into the horizon. (This one is HUGE for distance!)

6. Launch Like a SpaceX Rocket

Ah, launch angle and spin rate – the dynamic duo of distance. Think of your ideal launch angle as the trajectory of a SpaceX rocket. Somewhere between 12-15 degrees, and you're in the stratosphere. Pair that with a lower spin rate ball, and you'll be in orbit before you know it.

7. Shaft Selection: Finding the One

If Goldilocks was in the forest searching for the right shaft... wait, that doesn't  sound right. Anyway, the point is that it's gotta be just right. If it's too stiff, you'll feel like you're swinging a tree trunk. Too flexible, and you're a noodle. Consult a club fitter and let them play matchmaker for your swing speed and tempo. Getting fitted isn't exactly an easy hack, but it makes all the difference!

8. Get Fit Like a Golfing Gladiator

Again, this is not an overnight fix, but it's something that certainly helps… Strengthen that core, build up those legs, and sculpt your upper body. You're not just a golfer; you're a golfing gladiator. Flexibility exercises? They'll have you twisting and turning like a pro contortionist... Think about it. When's the last time you saw somebody on the tour that looks like Napoleon Dynamite?

9. Practice, or Go Join the Mini Golf Circuit

Practice is where the magic happens. Dedicate time to fine-tune your newfound superpowers. Think of it as becoming the superhero you were always meant to be – one drive at a time.

10. Bigg Ball Bonanza: Choosing the Right Ball for Maximum Distance

Now, we can't talk about maximizing your driving distance without giving a nod to the unsung hero – the golf ball. And what better ball to choose than the Score Crusher from Bigg Golf for your distance endeavors? Yeah, we are a little partial... but for GOOD reason!

Here's the deal: the right golf ball can be your secret weapon in the quest for extra yards. The Bigg Ball, with its explosive name, is designed to deliver exceptional distance. When selecting your golf ball, consider factors like compression, cover material, and dimple design.


Becoming the golfing superhero you've always dreamed of is no joke, but it's definitely achievable with some humor, a touch of patience, and a lot of practice. Remember, golf is supposed to be fun, and if you follow these tips, you'll not only add yards to your drive but laughter to your game. Now go out there, grab your driver, and CRUSH it!

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